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What will you learn? 

  • Healing🌱 Let go of limiting beliefs: Discover practical strategies to release the negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing true joy and peace.
  • Overcoming🙏 Embrace God's truth: Dive deep into the wisdom of Scripture and learn how to align your thoughts and beliefs with God's promises for your life.
  • Prosperity🧠 Experience a profound mindset shift in trusting God for provision. 
  • Empowering✨ Discover ways to transform your perspective and outlook on life as you uncover the power of  faith-filled living.

Unlock More Joy! 
FREE WORKSHOP: Unlock More Joy: Doubt to Delight for Sensitive Kingdom Women Entrepreneurs. Register today and  Learn about 4 KEYS to Unlock More Joy leading to more time and money freedom for you and your family! 
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Doubt to Delight: Unlock More Joy 
Held at 9a.m. - 10:30a.m. PDT Saturday, June 29 (Replays available)
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Meet Donna,
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Remember we are seated in heavenly places.  
God has shown me more about our transformation  from Doubt to Delight. Do you know that the amount of joy we experience starts inside with a renewed mind? I am discovering with the right tools we can have joy that isn't  dependent on circumstances.  For me it is something I am asking God to help me with everyday and he is revealing the keys to Unlock More Joy! 
As we process our emotions and surrender them we can let Jesus transform them into Divine Joy and Peace!
Can't wait to meet you and journey with you!

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