I am passionate about helping 
faith -  based gracefully aging women who, like me have struggled with skin issues like Rosacea, to improve their health from inside out so they can confidently go out in public.
Ready to have more vitality, energy to fulfill your purpose as a wife, caregiver, mom of adult children and of course the precious grand children as well as all your many heart felt places you make a difference!
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I'm Passionate about...
Wellness Routine

and helping others do the same.
Things, like... 
  • healthy digestion, healthy skin
  • a more refreshing sleep
  • a natural beauty routine leading to a glowing hydrated complexion 

I'd love to share some tips with you!

I want to live life to the full! 

I love sharing my story and teaching  
how easy it is to live 
I want to share my story because it is one of Hope which leads to Joy! 
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Be Still and Know that I am God! Ps. 46:10

Centering Prayer is a method of meditation used by Christians placing a strong emphasis on interior silence. 
Research has shown that there are numerous psycho-physiological benefits to this type of prayer, including the fact that it may physically change the brain and body in a good way. 

The practice of stillness is a great way 
to engage the mind, energize the body and balance the emotions.

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