Those Who Wait Upon the Lord will Renew Their Strength!
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Hey friend! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Donna, a teacher turned entrepreneur and Kingdom coach with inner healing training. I discovered resources and leadership training where I can celebrate my faith in Jesus.  Let me share a bit about myself!

Courage to Go from Introvert to Entrepreneur
I was never the entrepreneur type. I was too scared to venture out on my own, even if I wanted to. I like the stability that comes from a steady paycheck too much!

But then 2023 it happened. Courage to try something new!

Courage is often found in the moments when we choose to be uncomfortable, pushing ourselves beyond our comfort zones and taking risks. It requires shutting out the noise of doubt and fear, and instead, taking action. 

Courage to try Something New!
When we embrace this courage, it not only transforms our own lives but also serves as an inspiring example for those around us. Our actions become a catalyst for change, motivating others to embrace their own fears, pursue their dreams, and create a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. In being courageous today, we become a source of inspiration and encouragement for those we hold dear. We have the power to ignite a spark within our loved ones, showing them that they too have the strength and resilience to face their own challenges. Let us embrace the discomfort, take that leap of faith, and in doing so, pave the way for a future where courage and action are celebrated by all. 

The time for courage is now. #corevalue #girlpoweralliance #womeninbusiness #sidehustle

Because of my business, I am able to spend time with my family, get regular sleep, and focus on being as generous as I can with the blessings I’ve been given.

If any of that sounds good to you, then you’re in the right place. Let me show you all that I’ve learned in my Kingdom business.

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